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An interview with Rebekah Randell

An interview with Rebekah Randell

Our interview series is all about powerhouse women and men who inspire us through their work, creativity, business and passion. At Papier hq we are all about supporting and uplifting one another. These amazing individuals are here to share some of their expertise. Introducing Rebekah Randell...

This week for our interview series we had the privilege of sitting down with the gorgeous Rebekah Randell. Rebekah is a New Zealand actress playing Dawn on Shortland Street. We caught up with Rebekah to talk about her home style, her journey as an actress and any advice she has for our bride to be's!

1. You not long celebrated your one year wedding anniversary. Congratulations! What advice do you have for any bride to be's?

Thanks! My advice would be to chill! Don’t forget the reason for the wedding is to marry your love and nothing else on the day actually matters. Anything could have gone wrong on the day for us but as long as we were legally married by then end of it, I didn’t really care. I always said “If something goes wrong as least we get a good story out of it which we’ll still be laughing about in years to come”.

2. What is the best part of your job?

Ahh - believe it or not I get asked this all the time. To be honest it’s the people! I work with a highly creative bunch of individuals who are all incredibly talented no matter their department. It’s not always an easy job, but there’s a lot of laughter, silliness and play between scenes. I love that! We are all one big crazy family and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

3. How do you spend your favourite evenings and weekends?

As I get older (and somehow busier) quality time has become one of the most important things in life for me. My favourite evenings and weekends are the ones where Bevan (my husband) and I pour a wine, put our phones down, eat amazing food and chat. I’m a pretty simple girl at heart. 

4. What does a typical work day look like for you?

Work days change for me all the time. No week is the same (which I love). A busy day will have me up to do an F45 class in the early hours of the morning, then at work and in the make up chair by 6:30am. A big shoot day would usually conclude at 6:30pm. You aren’t always in every scene of the day so any down time is spent in my dressing room breaking down scripts or learning lines usually for the following days!

5. What do you wish someone told you at the start of your career?

I wish someone had told me how hard it was. Like REALLY how hard it was. When you are young and ambitious chasing a dream of being an actor life is tough! I was broke and working three different jobs which equated to 7 days a week of contracting work. Working multiple jobs as a contractor gave me the flexibility to audition however for every five auditions you wouldn’t even average one role. I feel like no one actually ever came out and said “realistically you may never get a big role” we all just assumed we would. After four years out of drama school and living life like this I finally found my self accepting that actually I might never land that big role I always dreamt of and needed to be happy and content with my life the way it was. I did that! I started working full time jobs that inspired me and planning a future with Bevan. It was then, when I let go, big roles suddenly came along. I couldn’t be more grateful for my role as Dawn. I still pinch myself that I work full time as an actor!

6. What advice would you give your younger self?

Stop being so hard on yourself!!! Oh, and use less make up!

7. How would you describe your personal style in your home?

Simple, minimal and modern. I love a classic look and style. We are currently renovating our home and everything I choose is pretty timeless. Marble bench tops, lots of white and light spaces with natural elements like wood and concrete. There’s a bit of black thrown in there too.

8. Where do you go for style inspiration?

Funnily enough - Instagram has been a huge source of inspiration and information for our renovation. I liked Pinterest for initial ideas but soon found it frustrating when I couldn’t find similar pieces/products here in NZ. With an idea in mind I would then follow tonnes of NZ home wear and design pages and figure out where they were sourcing their products from. Made life a lot easier. Instagrams “save” button has also been a literal life saver. 

9. How do you overcome doubts?

I’m a super positive person and fully believe in the power of positive thought. If I do doubt myself, self talk is always something that grounds me and centre’s me to achieve something I may have previously doubted. 

10. What are your favourite Papier hq pieces? 

I have my eye on so many pieces! First things first though, I’ve promised as our (late) first wedding anniversary gift I want to get some wedding photos framed! I’m thinking two large frames side by side with two of our favourite portraits. However, I want to see the walls of the house first and and figure where these would go. If that doesn’t work out - maybe a gallery wall somewhere? Also in love with the “Poppies” print - I love a pop of colour!

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